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Cultivating Leaders for a Strong and Vibrant Community

Leadership Today is designed to develop knowledgeable, skilled, committed, and active community leaders. Participants in this premium leadership program come together from diverse backgrounds, experience, and perspectives. They meet monthly to expand core business and community leadership competencies while learning about themselves, each other, and how to positively impact their society. Graduates form lasting connections with each other, create valuable links to civic and business leaders and join an elite group of individuals with in the community.

The year begins with the Leadership Retreat where participants lay a solid foundation for effective, inspired leadership and begin the process of identifying where they, as a group, will focus to create a project designed to benefit the community in a strategic, significant, and ongoing way. From the retreat participants will embark on a leadership journey that not only develops in them core leadership competencies, but provides access and insight into the community in ways they have not had before.

The year ends with the Leadership Advance where participants will chart their own unique course in community leadership. They will develop a personal mission statement and share an inspired vision for their community. The day and year will end in a spirit of celebration surrounded by family, colleagues, and friends at graduation.

The Leadership Today curriculum is comprised of two parts: leadership education and community field visits.


The program is made possible by corporate sponsorships and participant fees. NorthBay Healthcare stepped up in 2009 with a three-year commitment as the program’s top “Lighthouse” Sponsor.

NorthBay’s commitment to exemplary leadership in our community is beyond compare. “ said Ms. McKillop, Leadership Today Coordinator.

If your company or organization is forward-thinking, passionate about leadership, and sees the wisdom in cultivating leaders today for a strong and vibrant community tomorrow, please consider becoming a sponsor of the Leadership Today program soon at one of the following positions:

Lighthouse Sponsor (1 spot – three year commitment)

Beacon Sponsor (1 spot – two year commitment)

Buoy Sponsor (1 spot – annual commitment)

Compass Sponsor (5 spots – annual commitment)


Participants will receive instruction on essential leadership skills and knowledge creating a solid foundation for effective business and community leadership.

I have gotten to really understand myself, not just from a management and leadership perspective, but personally as well. This program has truly inspired me to take an active leadership role in the community and spurred me to volunteer in my community.” Said Betsy Carrabello, team member from Sutter Regional Medical Foundation

Being raised and having lived in this community for over 30 years, I thought what else could I possibly learn about my community? After graduating the Leadership Today program, I am now able to apply the leadership skills learned and incorporate the relationships built with my classmates and community leaders. I will cherish this life-changing experience. This is a worthwhile and enriching endeavor!‘ Said Timothy Ridosh, 2nd Year Graduate, from Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce

The program has given me an excellent set of skills that are applicable to many situations. I am very happy with the program overall and even happier with the exposure to the community.” Said Chris Stump, 2010 team member from B&L Properties


Stepping out into the community to get a first-hand look at the intricacies and to meet the people who are at the helm and making things happen.

For detailed information on the curriculum, field visits, and dates please download the brochure to the left.

Additional Information: The cost of the program is $1,500 for chamber members and $2,000 for non-members. Fee covers materials, activities and lunch each day. Some financial assistance may be available.

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